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The Center for Research on Natural Medicine (CIMN) is an open and organic nonprofit research unit, that focuses its transdisciplinary activity on all aspects of Human Health, particularly in the approach to treatment by natural means. The Center is defined as a technical and scientifical initiative of fundamental and applied investigation - common to public and private institutions - that aims at promoting and coordinating scientific knowledge within the various areas of study in regards to the intervention "of" and "in" Natural Medicine.

The Center for Research on Natural Medicine promotes the welfare, Health and the economic, social and cultural conditions for the scientific development of Society, using practice as a Method for Research .

The CIMN has local, regional, national and international scope.

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Scientific Council
· President, Maria Manuela Nunes da Costa Maia da Silva, PhD
· António José Afonso Marcos, PhD
· Miguel Fernando Tato Diogo, PhD
· Rui Miguel Freitas Gonçalves, PhD

· Rui Miguel Freitas Gonçalves, PhD

Accompanying Comission
· Jose Maria Robles Robles, PhD
· Maria Isabel do Amaral A. Vaz Ponce de Leão, PhD